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I can help you practice English..

I can speak ENglish and learn Chinese.. I would to make a language exchange in both of these languages.. You can add me but when you add me add a small note to your invitation so that I can understand who you are and why you added me...

skype: psychousan



hi,On the contrary,i can speak Chinese and learn English...i would to make a language exchange in both of these languages.So, let us be friends and study from each other,okay?my skype id is :bihuiguo000

hello,I'm chinese.I'm interested in make a language exchange in both of our languages,nice to meet you

sorry,my skype is "guobihui000",not "bihuiguo000"

I added you;)

hi, glad to meet and see your topic .I want to add u~I think we can learn from each other. of  course, I'm a Chinese.O(∩_∩)O~

Thats great! 太棒了!=)

talking on SKYPE is really a good idea to practice English.
hope to talk to you soon.

very well.. ;) talk to you soon;)

Hello, I join to this group in order to improve my oral English and correct some mistakes, because I want to pass the C1 certificate in English. In this case, I study English not only by affect, but also by practical reasons. Greetings from Balearic Islands!!

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