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whay is your mott0

motto is so vital for people ,what is your motto ,talk sonething about it



and the meaning of MOTTO IS ..... ? :D do u mean mobile ?

Motto I think is the sentence in which you believe is true talking about your life. my motto for example is- don't worry what others may think about you because others are to buzzy thinking what you are thinking about them :)

then my MOTTO is see the world fron different angle ... life is more simple actually i like 2 other mottos :D 1-just DO it by NIKE 2-life's good by LG :D hope to see more replys
It is easy to say that you don’t conform to the usual mold on the street, but when you are out there you’re talking what they talking, acting like they acting and enjoying it. What’s the sense of saying and pretending to be not like them when you really are like them? Isn’t it hypocrisy? And so my Motto is Be true , Be your self..
why people are always so willing to divine the whole world and community into at least 2 parts - 'we' and 'they'. there are no 'we' and no 'they', as for me. and I think, motto is for lazy people. or no, it's a bad word to describe what I mean. perhaps motto our famous polish poet Czesław Miłosz said about the terms: "scholars like beautiful words like renaissance and baroque, but one has to know, how relative and inaccurate meanings these words have." it's the same with motto - it doesn't mean the same to everyone. I can't put my feelings about the life and sense of my existence into ten or less words. I think, I don't have a motto and I wouldn't like to have one. and if I had, you perhaps would understand it different than I would.

i agree with u that in general we have many things in common actually we do the same actions what i don't agree with u about is that u denying the existence of personalities and the ways of doing things i mean we can talk but r we going to say the same words ????? we must differentiate between general actions and specifics

i think mottos r a concept that u believe in and it express ur priority at this level of ur life; it doesn't mean that it describes u 100% yes we will feel the same motto in different ways but doesn't mean we don't believe in the same thing or see things in the same way as i said we have general concepts and actions but we r different in practicing them
my motto is love, idont do any thing in my life if i donot deadly love it.i thing that love is the dinamo of my life,it enable me to do the best always&hope that tomorrow will be the family,peoples,kids,nature,birds,work,love every thing related to nature&love live itself.

One Language is never enough. :D

my motto is be strict to yourself and be tolerant to others. in Chinese, it means 严以待己,宽以待人。 it is hard for us to follow this. we always forgive ourselves easily and keep others bad behaviour or had saying in our heart. Just be tolerance, it is my most want to acheive.

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