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The most memorable movie plot.

Hi,everyone!I think all of you have watched so many movies and have some memorable plots you can't forget. If you can,just say out,let's enjoy it.嗨,大家好!我相信我们每个人都有看过许多部电影,而且在那些电影里面都有着自己难以忘记的镜头,如果你愿意,尽情说出来,我们一起分享吧!



"The Dark Knight" was particularly good. I can't recall anything else so far. I'll write when I remember

"Minority Report" is great. "Child of men" and "Watchmen".

from old movies... ehhmm. "Aliens" I guess.

Yeah, right! "The Watchmen" was great! I've seen it almost 10 times. It is remarkable peice of a movie.

The most i like is “The Legend of 1900”,and  the most impression plot is that when 1900 meets the girl he likes,he plays the piano with his eyes following that girl.the melodies is easy but beautiful.

For me,step up 3 is the one which I'll always remember and the perfect place and timing of the song "this girl" can't be forgotten.

big's adventurous

almost all ghibli movies


"The Legend of 1900" is awesome...i really the scene when tim roth plays "silent night" at piano duel...

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