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To Be or .......

To be or not to be ? .... that is the question Shakespeare said that but he didn't say how !!!! ... and i don't have the answer or a magic stick .... i will make an effort and say my opinion hopping it's the solution in my opinion : TO BE a better person u must be fair with your self as well as others TO BE a lovely person treat others as you want them to treat you TO BE a successful person be hard worker and plan your life TO BE a smart person know yourself well and develop yourself TO BE wise return to the concepts and don't justify your mistakes TO BE the greatest .... be loyal to what you are and don't live for yourself i want all of us to ask ourselves a question .... what is the most thing that we need and why ? hope to read some replys soon



the most thing that i need is the internal peace,as ido not take care of my self most times,may waste my duties ,may iam crazy alltimes,may i only want to live ideal life,want all things to be right ,but this not occur.
but does anyone question it, if we really exist? how can u tell if you life, if you are? what is the proof of ur existence? that's just btw, but I think TO BE understood, even if only by myself.

"I THINK, THEREFORE I EXIST" .... said by Descartes (not sure about the name) it's the answer of ur question .... however it doesn't mean that u must believe him finally he is just a man :D ..... just think in different way .... is it matters to know the answer ???? u r here living on the planet earth .... so it doesn't matter .... just live ur life ;)
it's only an one answer to this question. quite convincing anyway, but not completely. I try to think in different way, that why I'm asking this question. I don't know if it does or if it doesn't mather, but the whole sentence of Descartes is "I DOUBT, therefore I think, therefore I am". and I don't know if this what I call life is really a life, do I? so I can't claim that I'm here, who can prove it? just live ur life...without thinking? without doubting? I don't doubt therefore I don't think therefore I am not.

:D ...... u doubt ur existence therefor u exist or what :D i really don't understand i will not talk about Descartes; as i said he is just another man ..... u analys it .... u can talk,walk,see,breath,etc; why do u think that u don't exist ???? maybe we live a dream .... but also u have to be alive to dream a dream ..... it's a closed loop and always it will lead u to the fact of our existence i think the question that u must ask is why am i asking this question .... and what will happen if u were true that we don't exist ?????? .... i think it's meaningless question

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