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Hypernova (pl. hypernovae) refers to an exceptionally large star that collapses at the end of its lifespan. Until the 1990s, it referred specifically to an explosion with an energy of over 100 supernovae (1046 joules); such explosions are believed to be the origin of long-duration gamma ray bursts After the 1990s, the term came to be used to describe the supernovae of the most massive stars, the hypergiants, which have masses from 100 to 200 times that of the Sun.
Decaying 56Ni, a short-lived isotope of nickel, is believed to provide much of a hypernova's light.The radiation output of a nearby hypernova could cause serious harm to Earth, but no hypergiants have been found close enough to Earth. A group led by Brian Thomas, an astrophysicist at Washburn University in Kansas, has conjectured that a hypernova may have caused a mass extinction on Earth 440 million years ago, but there is no unambiguous evidence of it.
The word collapsar, short for collapsed star, was formerly used to refer to the end product of stellar gravitational collapse, a stellar-mass black hole. The word is sometimes used now to refer to a specific model for the collapse of a fast-rotating star, as discussed below.




This is hot stuff (pun intended)! I never got past the thirteen-a-dozen supernovae, where Fe55 is the end product of the fission, being the element with the least ernergy per nuclear particle. But of course, if you've got a real heavy object, substantial amounts of slightly heavier nucleides will also be formed.
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i am not so exelent in english so plz could you simplify what you said ? :)
so good information and when I was at school we learned that the earth also had formed from a fission I don`t know If this information is true??
unfortunately I didn`t complete my studying at science anyway thanks alot sir
ummm sometimes I feel that there are alot of things we will never know at the earth may be because we haven`t much time to know it or may be it is so difficult to believe it so it is a mercy that we don`t know it but according to my strong heart I always hope to know new and difficult things even this will kill me! but thanks alot so good information for us

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