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Help for Intermediate Student/ Ayuda para estudiante intermedia

Hi everyone.  I have been learning Spanish for two and a half years in school, but now I want to become really fluent on my own.  Anyone know any good books/ audio programs for an intermediate student who speaks and writes basic Spanish well, but is not completely fluent?  I have a limited budget, unfortunately... Anyway, any suggestions would be much appreciated. :)



Buy "The Ultimate Spanish Review and Practice" book ... it is a great book that will help take you from intermediate to the advanced level.  Trust me, I bought it and have not for one moment regretted the $15 I spent on it.  It is very very thorough with good grammar explanations, excercises and reading excerpts.

Thank you for the recommendation It looks just about perfect, and so inexpensive, too. I will definitely order this book. < free < get 6 day free trial

   I am a native spanish speaker looking for native speakers of american english that want to learn spanish. I have many mistakes in my pronunciation and grammar. I want help too, if you can help me, add me to practice spanish and english  skype azrael781 msn write in my account when you can , and when you want to practice.

Here some help for you


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visit this website there're lots of books, videos and audio to learn any language.

Querida Kat, estoy plenamente convencida de que si buscas por Internet con buen interés encontrás la tira de audios, pero esque la tiira !!

A hug

Hola a todos, hablo español nativo, soy de Colombia, me gustaría intercambiar idioma con alguien que hable Inglés ya que me hace falta aprender mucho más.


Me gustaria ayudar a quienes lo deseen pero que también puedan ayudarme a mi.


Hello everyone I speak Spanish I'm native from Colomia, I would like to exchange language with someone who speaks English becouse I need to learn more.

I would like to help those who want learn Spanish but they can also help me.





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