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How to start learning finnish?!?!

How & where could i start to learn finnish?!?!



Well, I'm studying by searching web pages and speaking with Finnish people... ;D

I've bought a Finnish textbook for beginners and a phrasebook))
And I listen to Finnish songs a lot....I try to practise Finnish with Finnish people))))

find a teacher :-) and learn via skype

I bought a textbook for beginners and learnt it first. Second I bought big finnish-russian and russian finnish dictionaries, two books about finnish grammar and two adapted books for reading. Now I mostly listen to finnish radio and try to find finnish-speaking penpals :)

Start simply and do not rush to know everything.

It is easy to want to learn all the cases - saying that: - all the cases are very regular.

The hardest thing i would say about Finnish is using the cases in the right context.

I hope this helps.

mina toivon etta tama auttaa!




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