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classical Greek

 Is there anybody who study classical Greek?
and if there were, I'd like to know your motive, why you study classical Greek.
 it's OK you study Archaic Greece or some other dialect, off course Koine.

Let's talk about classical Greek!



I just read a short play on Dionysus and it was really interesting.

oh, thank you for your comment.
Your read it in classical Greek? or in English? 

Well, i studied Latin because it is the basis of french, spainish or italian. It was really important for me to discover from where come a lot of our language. It's really helpful in orthograph. Then it's also interesting because of the mythologie and history, it's not boring at all. that's like listening fairy tales.

My sister studies ancient greek, she likes the same thing as i do, but moreover, she loves knowing another alphabet, that's like a game.  

I read it in English. To read it in classical Greek would be hard for me. 

Classical philology has everything your mind needs. Would you like fantasy and fairy tales where escape your mind? You want to fall in love poetry? You want philosophy to understand what surrounds you? You want to learn history by reading old stories? You want to solve grammar problems that test your skills?, and more. When studying the Greeks and the Romans you are immersed in a world so amazing that you dont want to quit. Also, is not it interesting to know where the words? As with the verb gymnatzo, which is rooted gymnos and came to designate the people without clothes or naked. It is logical that the soldiers took off the robe and all that carry over body workout or train. Besides classical Greek learning in college is soooo fun X_DD


I am marrying a Greek man and seriously need to put my effort in Modern Greek Langauge... To be frankly the language is very difficult to learn ....!!! ((((( But it doesn't mean that i am giving up and start dancing sirtaki lol

Thank you all. I've decieded to go to Greek this november. So I started to learn modern Greek.  Wanna improve my Greek to be able to speak with local people.

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