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hey there is a different language between west java(sunda), central java and east java(madura included)

there is significantly diffrent between 3 javanese language



yup u right,
there's have diff betwen that language even came from same island (Java island)
its alots tribe who stay in java island actually not just have 3 language its much more language
West Java = Sundanise, Betawi
Central Java  = Javanise Language ( 3 grade : Kromo Inggil, Ngoko Alus, Ngoko )
East Java = actually its not include madura, its coz some population of madura stay in java island, west java language its almost same with central java language  ( Ngoko Alus, Ngoko ) or using javanise language with accent from citys who located in east java

excelent answer mrs maria, but which one javanese language we learn in italki?

In italki? Javanise or indonesian
actually which language that u wanna learn..?

Hi! In my own opinion, the javanese language we must study is the Eastern Javanese  and Central Javanese. Because from central to eastern Java, people used to speak  this language. It's very interesting discussion and I appreciate your willingness to learn Javanese language.

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