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Have you seen the new "Twilight"?

 Have you seen the "Eclipse"? What do you think of it?

As for me, I've seen it with my girlfriend and, as you might expect, she liked it a lot. I was a bit perplexed by the plot as it too complicated for my man's mind so I had to ask her about what was happening all the time )))

What about you?



You have a girlfriend? Does your boyfriend know it?

Ain't funny, my homophobic bro!

Hahaha!) Yes, I saw it yesterday at the cinema!
It was funny, I'm not a fun of this movie. But many girls from all over the world fell in love with it.
All men who was sitting in the cinema were sleeping during this film. Some boys who came with their girfriends or without were shouting out loud timely  jokes.
As for me I think there are too much conversations in the film no movement. It's long and boring.

I actually thiught that this one was more dynamic than the second part and thus more interesting. I believe that this part had more special effects as well so it isdefinetely better than the previous one.

P.S. Yoko, you will no doubt have more fun going with a girl friend, or at least a guy who would be interested either in the romance or in you.

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