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movies that make you think a lot ? why?

and this is my list :

the legend of 1900.
the shawshank redemption



Many movies drive me into thoughtful state of mind. I can name one which I've seen recently that made me think of it for about a week. It was "The Watchmen".

It made me think of infinitesimality of a person, poinlessness of all the struggle and effort in the face of somebody so powerful that you cannot see it when it is right before your eyes because you cannot imagine anything to be even distantly similar to it..

it made me re-think my ways all over again and gave me a lot.

Salut, j'aime le film "the shawshank " redemption aussi. En plus de ce, j'aime les films "The day after tommorow" et  la série "le silence des agneaux/silence of the lambs".

  • The Seventh Seal by Ingmar Bergman.
  • A swedish film, one of my favourites. It'a master pice.
    I like it because it's an existentialist movie. The main character (Antonius) is in a quest for knowledge as he plays chess with the Death.

  • A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick
  • It's about violence and makes you think about it.

  • Dogville by Lars von Trier
  • A wonderfull movie yet it's sad. The end makes you think a lot.

the very one that led me to this amazing experience with movies: "As it is in heaven", it's also a swedish film that tells something between music and life. I can't forgent that spark of people's twinkled eyes in the movie and the joy when they find peace from pure true music out of their dull life. Life can not be life without music.It touched me so much that at one point I even thought of quitting my academic study and throw myself into the world of music.

Lots of movies...but the ones that first come to my mind are Waking Life, Bin-Jip, and Shutter Island...

One of my favourites is Magnolia. I've watched it at least 5 times :) and it's 3 hours long :) the movie makes you ask yourself a lot of questions. Also, in this film Tom cruise delivers his best (IMO) performance EVER.
Quote: This opens with a short story about some "true-life" examples of coincidence designed to show us that these things can't "just happen" and that there must be more to it than that. It then flies into the lives of a handful of different characters in a exhilarating introduction to a game show host, a sex guru, a police officer, a dying father, a male nurse, a drug addict to name a few. After this the speed slows down slightly and the characters are given time to develop and the stories begin to interlink.

Another one - 21 Grams. I found this film a bit depressing, but very life-like. There is no happy ending in this one. Quote: This is the story of three persons: Paul Rivers a mathematician lovelessly married to an English émigré; an upper-middle-class suburban housewife, happily married and mother of two little girls, and Jack Jordan, an ex-convict who has found in his Christian faith the strength to raise a family. They will be brought together by a terrible accident that will change their lives. By the final frame, none of them will be the same as they will learn harsh truths about love, faith, courage, desire and guilt, and how chance can change our worlds irretrievably, forever.

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