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Online chatting with both native and non-native speakers is a very efficient way to improve one's conversational skills.
But it seems to me that this approach can be used not only to practising language abilities, but also to share the information on the one hand, and to know more about a particular subject on the other hand. So I suggest not just dropping your skype ids in this topic, but also expand your message by some subjects which you can tell about. It can be virtually everything: from cooking recipes through history of your country to technical details about how does combustion engine work. 



Let's take the topicstarter as an example. Being a developer in a web-hosting company, I can tell a bunch of useful stuff about IT and internet-related technologies
- Let me tell you how does Internet work.
Technical details about the structure of the Internet as a whole, what is a web-site in a nutshell, what does HTML or DNS stand for, etc
- Let me tell you how does cryptography work.
Basics of the secret coding of the information and how it can be used in your life (encrypting e-mail, secure browsing, etc)
I can be more specific in my subjects (programming, web-programming, infosecurity, linux administration, etc), but I fear to be too boring for a casual italker. My skype id is imankuloff, if you want to talk to me on any particular subject, please let me know a bit in advance, I need time to put ideas in order.

I agree with u

deeply agree

I want to join you. I am a student at University of Sci. & Tech. of China.

I want to thank Hilbert because of his patience and the interest for the subject.
A couple of days ago Hilbert and me, we had two thematic conversations concerning UNIX/Linux operating systems and the Open Source movement. I was playing the role of talker, and Hilbert was a listener primarily. In order to encourge other italkers to participate, I'd like to share my experience of these conversations.

DURATION. We had two sessions. The former conversation wasn't as long as we wanted, for about 0.5 hrs. The latter spent about 2hrs. By the end of this session I was so tired that started to mix Russian and English words, whereas Hilbert tried to make me understand German ;). Although the topic was very interesting for both of us and we had a lot of untouched subjects, we were forced to cease the conversation. The conclusion is that conversation should not be longer than 1hr, maybe even shorter, from 20 to 30 minutes.

PREPARATION. Preparation is a talker's duty. For sure, it's hard to speak coherently for a long peroid of time. That because I jotted down the plan of my further speech just before each session, and also I read related wikipedia articles in order to brush up my knowledge and the vocabulary. Links to the Wikipedia are very useful by themselves as auxiliary sources of information.

CONCLUSION. To sum up, there is a list of facts based on my weak experience and strong speculative assumptions:
Conversation is explicitly asymmetric. There are two roles: talker and listener.

- Talker should spent at least a bit of time to prepare for the session.
- Talker should not be a pro of the subject. For example, it's often enough to tell the contents of your favorite Wikipedia article.
- Generally talker should not expect that listener notices and fixes grammatical mistakes of his/her counterpart in the speech.
- Generally listener should not expect, that he/she will get significant experience of speaking. On the other hand, if you're not very confident in your speaking abilities, maybe the role of listener is yours.

Feel free to drop the subjects of your interests here.
P.S. 1000 character limitation is too boring...

I agree with you. It is important to discuss about the topic s people are going to talk about. Otherwise the conversation could be boring or make a bad effect for one of the speakers.

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