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what are your nicknames?





it´s a character from the book. It´s like a vampire...I love vampires

Ane and/or Netti, haha

Moony,Sam,Mika,and Sunny

nana      tintin    titi     tania     tani  

My real name is too bored to get a nickname reom it.~`


choco ! Innocent

Mine is virtuoz. That actually should sound like virtuoso, but in the Russian manner that sounds like virtuoz :-) This is my nickname in games, forums and almost everywhere :-)

my nickname is Ade. you can call me that

for some teachers we hated during the middle school , we gave those teachers nickname with little disgrace and humiliation , in spite characterize them . Here in my country you have to be very careful to call someone nickname they don't agree with . 


like "fatty" ,"girl (for a man)" "bare stick" in chinese are not welcomed here

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