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Why did you cry for the last time ?

You must have a reason. İf you do not want to tell , its OK. Don't tell:) but you can be open ...



just when i remmeber it i think that it was being good if i did it

say good-bye to  mother
we have nearly one semester not seen each other..  that day she came to my city deal with some official business, and  called me out to have a dinner.
just several hours , we had to seperate again. when I back to dormitory, I cried...

I miss my friend,and I will say good bye to him.He from other country,I don't know what time we can see again.

when I lost my friend this year in a car accident , was so hard to me .

Thanks for asking this. I cried when my laptop hard disk crashed and I lost a lot of my favorite movies I had downloaded on it.

it seens like a touching movie..

very good reason :) thanks

It's such a long time ago that I couldn't remember when~
Now I'm just cry with no tears,and it's sad.

when I'm making the most valuable player award in basketball tournament :)

I cried when my mother called me after being decived by a counterfeit company last month. It's really a terrible memory. But i learned a lot. For example, not all those who look kind and reliable are good person.

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