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Lingua latina mortua non est, mihi vivet




Unfortunately, Latin is a dead language - although not extinct. Consider that it has no more native speakers once no one learns it as mother tongue and no one is able to dream in Latin... and, considering that new words need to be invented (words for cd, internet, bikini...), it's becoming a reconlang and losing its naturality of some centuries ago.

¿Quien eres?

¿Qué intentas decir con "Lingua latina morta non est, mihi vivet"?

Ireverdedelpozo (que largo nombre) lo que intento decir es: El latin no està muerto, en mi vive.




Latina non mortua sed larva est! (Latin is not dead but undead!)

Nemo hodie a pueritia Latinam loquitur. (No one speaks Latin from childhood these days.)

Sed fortasse quam Gallicam (Gaelic) et Sanskritam (Sanskrit) vivas iam aliqui homines iterum fecerunt, tam Latinam quodam tempore alii facient.

(But perhaps just as some people have again made Gaelic and Sanskrit living, so others will make Latin [living again] some time.

Lingua latina mortua est - linguam latinam longo vivito!

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