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What is your fav. football player ?

What is your fav. football player ?How do you think about him?



My fav. player is Ronaldinho.My fav. national team is England!

I don't have any particular favourite player. There are many that I like. But if I had to choose, I'd say David Villa.
My favourite national team is Spain, even though I'm from Germany.

My favourite player is Roberto Baggio and Messi.My favourite team is Italy.                

I will be choose Ballack and Luis Figo.Because, they are true man!
My favourite national team is Germany of course.
my fav. football player is frank lampard, and the national team is England.

Steven Gerrard, of course. He's heart and soul of Liverpool. Real captain!  I like Jamie Carragher, Henrik Larsson, Dirk Kyut, Peter Schmeichel too. They are great players!

And I like Niki Bendtner, because he's very handsome :-) 

As a chelsea fc fan i love all of the players in chelsea :) but i do like other players such as Christiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Cesc Fabregas, Mesut Ozil, Iker casillas, Karim Benzema, Gonzalo Higuain, Kaka, Sergio Ramos, steven gerrard, Samir Nasri, andrea iniesta and Xavi. :) My favourite national team is England as i am english :D and i like the Portuguese national team too :)

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