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How to remember words effectively?

I always foget some words that has learned.



well.. i try to read and read again... first three or four read I don't try to find the meaning of the new word... but the ten or eleven.. i got the pronuntiation.. and then I know is the right time to find the meaning of this new word.. and also I try to create sentences using this word.. but a sentence that Im sure i will use inmeadiatly.
For me, I memorize a word by writing it afew times, then I start putting it into alot of sentences, I may write these sentences or just cite them. And I assure you using a new word in sentences really fixes it in your mind
I always than you!

you can use it in a special sentence that you can remember it..
It's so ordinary to forget words. when I study words I study it and I know I'll forget it after few days. so I know that I have to revise it "now and again".
不知道是不是一样的情况,但我学汉字的时候,我需要把一个字看好机遍。先要记得字是怎样写的。这样,至少脑子里会有点映像(不知道这个词用得对不对,对不起,水平太差了)。然后,再去记意思的时候就很容易了。 啊!我一定打了很多错别字,请原谅!

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