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Whether people will be busier as they grow up?



I think people aways be busier when they grow up.

Not necessary. Its about choices you made. If you choose to work hard and achieve more in life, you are busier. Alternatively, you can just let a day pass by and enjoy yourself after work. How then can you be busier? You have more time...

hi,I suppose you are right.I agree with you.We should find a job which we enjoy
I think it depends on the person. As a child, I use to be very busy with all sorts of in school and after school activities: dance, swimming, basketball, art class etc... Now that I'm in high school, I'm less involved with extra curricular activities because I need to make sure I have time for homework and studying. So, now I'm involved in band (music lessons) and some sports.

Maybe,because i think if you grow up you may think much more than mhen you are a child. you may take many things in to account so may make you feel tired...So, I alway hope to be a child forver.... I hope I can keep my inner heart always young as a child so that I won't trouble trouble and tink too much to may me live tired and busyo(∩_∩)o...

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