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Why do you want to learn Finnish?

I'd just like to hear your reasons. Since Finnish is one of the most difficult languages in the world, there must be some specific reason to study it. :D



well i dont see much use of english in the real workplace here so there isnt a choice for one if one intends to live in helsinki other than to learn this hard language :) 

My reason it's that I want to move to Finland... I think it's a great and beauty place :D

I was a high school exchange student in Finland 35 years ago.  It was a wonderful experience!  I still enjoy hearing Finnish.

I see that I'm not alone :D Mäkin haluan muuttaa suomeen kun olen vanhempi :D

I want to learn Finnish because it's the really wonderful language! ;)
And I want to visit Finland some day)))

I want to learn finnish, because I love the language and the whole country. Also I'm thinking about moving to finland, and I want to write songs in Finnish ^^.

because is a magic language! :D
my portuese, for me, is the most beatifull language in the word. But finnis... is unique!
so i'm here try to learn this incredible language (:

I like Finland very much.Someday I will visit this beautiful country.
Maybe I will move to Finland.
That's my dream.wish the dream comes true.

I've been to Finland twice and I'd love to go there again for sure. That's a nice country with interesting people. And I really want to understand them so I'm kind of pushing myself into learning Finnish and that's a freaking hard job, you know :)

First of all, I love this beautiful country, secondly all these Northern-Europen cultures and also because we're from the same language family. :)

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