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Do you like money?

Do you like money?



Yes,I do.

Yes, because I need it to survive.

yes i like money because it it is neccessary to have money to obtain the things neccessary for life. but wouldnt it be a wonderful world if instead of money each of us only took exactly what one needed and passed the rest on to the next person.   hhhhhhhhhhy

i hate it

Money is not the thing to like. I do not like it. just use.

yes,i like.because it can give me many i want.but i hate it also,because it let me lost many things

All of the world like it , may be there are some who hate what money shortage cause to them, but it's a proof that really like it and need it.

Thenk's frends for your answers.


Only because I need it to survive.. I think many people place too much importance on it, though. Money isn't happiness.

isn't it Monkey's baby?

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