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Plurial/pluriel (for french plurial in english language)

For plurial French, the standard rule  is :


1/You should added “S" with a name in the singular to make plural.

Ex : Un chat; des chats; Une histoire, des histoires, etc.


2/Names which ending in “ou” follow the standard rule.

Except : bijou, caillou, chou, genou, hibou, pou et joujou with a "X" in plural;

Ex : Un minou, des minous. Un bijou, des bijoux.



3/The names which finish by " au" , " eau" , " eu" in the singular take a " X" in the plural.

Except : bleu, émeu, landau, pneu, sarrau with "S" a plurial.

4/The names which finish by " ail" in the singular take "S" in the plural.

Except : Bail, travail, corail, émail, vitrail, soupirail finish with «UX »

5/The names which finish by  "al" in the singular take "AUX" in the plural.

Except : Bal, carnaval, festival, chacal, récital, cal.

6/And there are the names which are invariable. Without “S” and “X” to make the plural, there are names which finish by "Z", "X" et "S".

7/And more, There are irregular  words :

“Monsieur” becomes “Messieurs” 

« Madame » becomes « Mesdames »

“Mademoiselle” becomes “Mesdemoiselles

“Ciel” becomes “cieux” ; « Œil » becomes « yeux », and...

« Aïeul » becomes « aïeu» ; « Ail » becomes « aulx ».

if I have forgotten something, complete please !

Ex : un chapeau, des chapeaux. Un cheveu, des cheveux. Un landau, des landaus

Ex : Un épouvantail, des épouvantails but un bail, des baux.


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