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hi . Good morning, how are you!

I'm new in the group, and I hope to learn the Chinese language [Cngahai].

I hope to take advantage of you ^ _ ^



hey,how you doing
even though i was born in shanghai,i still feel shanghainese is pretty strange to me
nowadays we students are encouraged to speak mandarin in lessons and less and less guys can speak shanghainese now

That's the truth,that's a pity!~

I'm a Shanghai girl,but because of i'm studying in another city,so i gradually won't say the words of Shanghai,i'm worrying about it,my relative in Japan have the same problem.

But know,i also said the Shanghaiese easily.

I hope that Shanghaiese will carry on forever...

I love Shanghai!~

If you know the Chinese very well,you can Buy the <<Shanghai Dialect Dictionary>>,author:Nairong Qian.(《上海话大辞典》,钱乃荣著)

Have a good time!~:P

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