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If you think that speak Swedish is like singing songs please come in~!

Frankly the first time when I hear Swedish I thought it just like singing, cause the intonation just goes up and down like rhythm. Well  what is the law of intonation in Swedish?



It is said that everybody can sing... Therefore everyone can speak swedish.  The law of intonation is more or less arbitary, but are there laws in singing?

No but seriously, I get your point! It is not easy to understand the intonation of swedish if your not swedish. I tried to critically listen to my language and I do understand that it is hard to understand!

So far I still cannot find the law... ...  

Finally I find an answer for my question myself: Swedish should be stressed almost at each beginning of the syllables. So its like beat in music, and if you add up the different tones it just like singing !!!

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