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I have taught the preparation course for FCE and CAE for a long time, I wrote one of the books that students use to prepare for the examinations.  I am an Oral Examiner.  I am here to help you. 



I need help

This is sooo good! We have the bad guy from the movie with us now. Just Kidding!  Actually almost kidding. Students are usually afraid of you 'Speaking Part (Professor B)!!!

In my case, I am afraid of  the 'Use Of English' and 'Listening' Parts.

Would you mind giving us some ideas for these Parts, Professor B? 

Thanks in Advance, and obviously a BIG WELCOME to this Group! We need you! 


About the listening and the grammar parts?  First, the examination is a general look at your entire English and the examination is 100% straightforward, there are no trick questions like there are in TOEFL.  If you don't already have good grammar and good vocabulary you should not take the examination for the advanced certificate, and should consider taking the first certificate.  If you have the vocabulary for the listening the examination questions are not difficult and not easy, they make you think.  The grammar is also straightforward at that level, if you don't know it you will not get the certificate.

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