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learning vietnamese

Hi! would you like to learn vietnamese 



 we can learn together
i want to learn english
and you want to learn vietnamese
can we do it

do you alive, please answer my question, because i'm finding a foreign want to learn vietnamese, it is great if i can teach vietnamese for you

I wuold like to talk to you, but I started to use this today, and I don't know how to chat with the people.

hi ~I  like it very much ~

   Yse ,I am learning Vietnamese now and I come from China .
        Bạn đang học  ở  trường nào?

I am a Vietnames, i an teach Vietnames for anyone like it, and i'm very like study Engish. Rearly happy if we can make fiend and together learn English and Vietnames. Wellcome!!


我想学越南语.我现在在越南工作.My Skype:taoliu.k        如果有这方面的朋友希望能一起交流学习~

hey ,happy to be your friend ,i learn TIẾNG VIỆT NAM these days 'my msn is       watting for you

"Tiếng Việt" thôi.. chứ k phải "Tiếng Việt Nam".. I can help you, friend..

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