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need to learn arabic language....any easier way?




It depends actually on the purpose that you would like to learn Arabic for.


if you want to learn Chinese, i can help that ^^

just contact me :)

The easiest way to learn the Arabic ...If you're a Muslim
 Try saving the Koran listened

try to communicate with native

I am learning Arabic too and there are books that you could start with as well as listening to talks or whatever is good for you. With the practice try to find a language partner so that you can improve your speaking side of the language.


My native language is Arabic

So I can help U ^^

you can read the books and with the time you will be good in arabic 

Not true! the quraan is a very complicated Arabic, up untill this millenium after little more or less than 1434 years after the revelation of Quraan the high graduated arabic experts struggles to unveil the true meaning of this holy book, you cant tell a non arabic speaker to learn Arabic from Quraan! BTW I'm a muslin! 

the Easiest way to learn Arabic is to talk with someone who speak arabic, first start with the simple things like objects and food or fruits and so on! 

Good luck!



I am Mohamed from Egypt. I need to study native language is Arabic.
 Feel free to add me. My Skype id m_alsawaf1. My yahoo

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