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اضرب الحديد وهوا حامي
strike the iron while its hot
odrob elhadeed we hwa hamee

ضربني وبكي سبقني واشتكي

it means that he hot or beat me then he went to compalin

so he makes me seem like a victimizer while iam the victim we say it alot in our daily life haha



Great proverb, sister. But I didnt understand the meaning for 100%. Can you explain more?

ok the second proverb is like when two brothers for example quarrled lets say ahmed beat rami then ahmed begins to cry and complain to his mother that he was beaten by rami!!!
other example look how israel occupied palestine and now compalin everywhere that the palestinain are terrorist and brutal!!!!!! and so on. so drbne wbka , sabkne weshtka

drbne= beat me


bka= cry

sabkne= goes before me or before i go to complain

eshtka= complain

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