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what is love?

what is love?Do you believe in fate?



Love Best in life is to be honest

L'amour est le désir d'une union sérueuse, solide et durable!
Je croie au déstin et aux déstinée de l'être humain!

Love is that a man and a woman fell in love with each other, they attracted each other.  love depends on lots of responsability.before you want to do some things,you should think about if what you will do is good for you or your lover,or your famliy

Baby don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
No more

love is an imotion when you are in love you feel like astar in the sky

the love is when you like a person and you d'ont know why you love him...........
love is some set of feelings that we can`t describe... it`s some sort of connection not between two people, but between their hearts!
and what about fate... i`m 100% believe in it! i have a few exact examples why! but it`s a long story... 


Maybe, love is something from our life. So that , people love and are loved until we will be dead. 

LOve LOvE lOvE

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