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Is anyone here able and willing to teach me some basics of the croatian language? (:



I am:)) just let me know what you need! Have you got any books?
I am also a language freak

Uortunately not. Actually, I have nothing besides a german-croatian online dictionary with approximately 3.600 entries^^*
That's why I'd consider some basic rules concerning grammar and pronounciation pretty useful^^
Thanks in advance (:

Hi, I think you should buy yourself a dictionary in the first place:)
there are also some books for beginners, like : Kroatisch. Lehrbuch für Anfänger, Julius Groos Verlag Tübingen - a book with all grammar explanations in German

aha, the autor is Stjepan Drilo

Well, there's a girl in my dancing course, she's from croatia and thaaat kind, smart and beautiful... *-* :)
That's why I'd like to surprise her positively by talking to her in her native tongue. ^^
Therefor, I wouldn't consider it necessary to buy a book and study the language completely, but to get some basics in order to impress her ... perhaps, she then turns out to be willing to teach me, and we meet, and.. you know :)

I know, that might sound really silly.. :/
But I thought, it's worth a try..

soooo? :)
What happened with you and the girl? ^^ 

Unfortunately, she got another guy :/

Seems like I came too late...

Awwww :/
Žao mi je...Cry 

Nema problema, I got over it..


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