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hi,call me kAzU,i am japanse

my english not good,i hope you can understand my words,haha
i'm studying english and spanish(started study recentry,so cannot yet)~~

i can teach japanese~~
but i want be friend with you!!will be tired of just be study-partner...ja?not think so??
pleas add me friend/follow me/give message without reserve~~~~~~
i'm waiting your coming



do you still need a help of a friend who can be your study partner?

well i'm not a native english speaker but i guess i can help you correct your English.
(your English is not that bad to begin with)
and English is my second language.

Anyway, I hope you can also help me with my Japanese.

I can be your friend.
Let's help each other♥~!

i little busy in these days,,,so i watched your comment just now~

i want use other language with fun,otherwise i bored...( `ー´)ノ

kazu .., thank you~
i love learning other languages too.,
it's cool when a person knows multiple languages.,

if you have any problems with English? Grammars? vocabulary?
i'll do my best to help~

Not good? Your english is very good!

I'd like to be your study-partner, if you don't mind :)

I would definitely like to be apart of this group. Kazu, your English has no problems and I can understand you. May I join the group? I can help with both Spanish and English(as well as receive help with them if anyone is willing.) I hope that we can all benefit.( I need to find a good picture to upload.)

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