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A little treat for the beijinger


This is mostly for the bejingers of this forum. If you find live music interesting, please continue reading, if not? It's your loss...
The prospects for the live band, "The Soul Doctors" are extremely bright. All leading players in their own right, helping to contribute to the bands own innovative unique feeling.
The Soul Doctors commitment to Funk and soul has so far exceeded all expectation here in Beijing.
With influences such as "Macao Parker" "Aretha Franklin" and "Stevie Wonder" shows that The Soul Doctors means business and that they're here to make Bejing feeling oh so groovy!!

Posts and gigs will be updated frequently so that you'll have a fair chance to follow us anywhere in being!




October 29th at "Hot Cat"
Saturday October 30th at "What Bar"

Oh, I miss live shows. Did you go to GodspeedYou! Black Emperor's show in 糖果 last month? They are amazing! I love post rock sooo much. Maybe we can watch a gig someday 2gether! Oh yes, do you know the strawberry music festival?

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