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你好!!我是日本人~:)I want to know about Chinese life.


Hi! My name is Ami. I am liveing in Japan now.
But I start my life in China , Beijing from this November.

So I want to know about China and Chinese life more and more.
I study Chinese now~ and I want to train my speaking!! 

Anyone who lives in China , knows of China  or has ever been in China...Please help me ~~!!

I am waiting for your help!! X(
Thank you .谢谢!!



Life is pretty easy going and nice in Beijing.
I am sure, you will have a great time there.


I am very glad to see you again.And thank you for your help about my internship! 
I want to do my best :) Sincerely.

hello, i'm a chinese girl, living in tianjin, if you need help, let me know.




I know 天津 is famous place for sightseeing!
I have looked at your city on picture...It is very beautiful!! 

And I eat chestnut of 天津 in Japan~! delicious!! ;P

Hello ,nice meeting  you .How are you getting on in beijing ?
I hope you will have a great time .

你好,   I AM chinese native  speaker...  i  add your skype    if you want to improve your Chinese or learn something about CHina .you can  call me.  by the way, i am going to learn japanese next that time  we can help each other

hi,i'm Brad my skype is dhong1977




I'm a chinese girl,now i'm living in tianjin,born in the Inner Mongolia.If there is anything I can do to help you ,contact me,i will tell you what i know.

And my english is poor ,please understand.(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

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