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I can teach Mongolian

who want learn Mongolian? I can teach:) Contact with me



I want to learn Mongolian,coz I am a Mongolian.
But i lived in inner mongolia,China,i can only speak little Mongolian.
So could you please improve my Mongolian?

Hi Maya

I am a Japanese.

I started learning  Mongolian. Because I made fraiends with a Mongolian student in Osaka.  

But I have difficulties in lnearning it. Please help me from the beginning of grammar.

The grammar book I use is




I want to learn Mongolian

If you want to talk Mongolian i can speak with you. Also, we could exchange English and Mongolian speaking skills each other. 


My Skype ID is Monkhoo_v




bi monggol hel surmaar bainaaa

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