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Hai Mia!

I heard some spoken words in Jawa. Could you please translate these words in English. "Neng kene neng kono, loro, turo, bobo, and puntan". Thanks a lot for your patience and kindness.



Hi rudi..,

Neng Kene (Javanese, Ngoko) = Di sini (Indonesia) = Here

Neng kono (Javanese, Ngoko) = Di sana (Indonesia) = There

Loro has two meaning :
   1.  (Javanese, Ngoko) = Sakit  (Indonesia) = Sick
   2.  (Javanese, Ngoko) = Dua  (Indonesia) = Two

Turu (the correct one) and bobo has same meaning (Javanese, Ngoko) = Tidur  (Indonesia) = Sleep

Punten (Sundanese) = Permisi  (Indonesia) = Excuse me

Turo      >>> Turu the corect one
Puntan >>> Punten, the correct one but its not javanese, its sundanese

Hai Mia!
Thank you so much for your translation and comment. Now those words are very clear to me specially their meaning. Perhaps someday I can use them if I will study Javanese language. If it's possible, could you please post a lesson in Javanese.

Yeah Rudi..
I will do that, step by step so just waiting the time..

Hello, all. I found you has a good understanding for Javanese, guys. May be I want to add some information.

There are some basic in writing Javanese languange that people forgotten sometimes. It's about writing of vocal letter (A,I,U,E,O). There is a difference both to write and speak even for the same word.

There are words spoken 'O', but actually should written 'A'. But there are also words both spoken and written 'O'. This is an explanation when "loro" must be transleted.

If written "loro" so it means "two" or "dua" in Bahasa, this is an example for words both spoken and written 'O'. But if translated as "sick" or "sakit", so "loro" should be literally write "lara".

There is a difference in pronouncation too, you'll understand me if you hear how this two words both "loro" and "lara" is spoken. ^^

I interseted to make a lesson in Javanese.

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