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Need help...

I speak Chinese and English, I wanna learn Spanish...but I know no Spanish...If all the messages are in Spanish...I'll be sad for not able to read them...



I could help you with your spanish and maybe you could help me with my english ;-)

Hello, I'm from Spain and I can help you with your spanish ^^
It would be perfect if you teach me a little chinese :D
I'll add you as friend.
See you.
cool i nedd a teacher for my english and i could you teach some spanish what you think?
bien nesecito un maestro para mi ingles y yo puedo enseñarte español que opinas?

could you correc my writing?
me puedes corregir la escritura?

take care and i´ll waiting your answer..
te cuidas y espero tu respuesta...

bueno, si quieres aprender, tienes que empezar por conocer bocabulario
well, if you want to lern, you have to beggin getting bocabulary

aprende el alfabeto
lern the alphabet

a=a  b=be c=ce d=de  e=e f=efe g=ge h=ache i=i j=jota k=ka l=ele m=eme n=ene ñ=eñe o=o p=pe q=qu r=ere
s=ese t=te u=u v=ve w=dobleve x=equis y=ye z=zeta
first is the letter, second the pronunciation as you read it.
hola puedo ayudarte hablar español   hi,l can help you speak spain but you help me with speak english

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