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need help in Portuguese learning

hello,I am a cop in Wuhan,China.I am interested in different cultures so I keep teaching myself  English, and always want to learn another language. Now I'ld like to try Portuguese because a Brazilian friend highly recommended it. It will be very nice if anybody can help.My MSN is And if anyone here interested in Chinese it will be my pleasure to help,too.Thanks.



first thing
why do you want to learn portuguese?
the same question has been asked by every brazilian to me
by the way , this is Arif learning portuguese
we can take help of each other
my msn is

hi Arif

because the Brazilian friend always said,you have no idea that how many chances facing us,man.

because in China too many people can speak English,and some can speak French,German or Japanese but few can speak Portuguese.

I can't just speak some English,and I didn't know which one would be a good choice as a second foreign language.The friend,Marcelo,tried to persuade me every time we met,so I guess, it is ok to try a language that few people have chance to learn.


 I speak fluent brazilian protuguese and mandarin!
Maybe I can help you! But, why protuguese?
Cuz just few countries of world speak portuguese. Anyway, do you speak italian or spanish? Cuz these three languages are similar. Well, this is my e-mail,
You can write for me in english or chinese!
Thank you


hi ! :D
plz, feel free to ask me anything !! \o
I'd be happy to help ! :P

I do not know English, we can help, we can make an exchange, you teach me English and I teach Portuguese, what you think. Skype is my GuigaFeijo. I used a translator to write.

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