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Basque music



91 Basque songs with lyrics, scores and audio files 91 canciones vascas con letra, partituras y filas audio:

El grito traditional vasco llamado irrintxi o irrintzi:

El instrumento tradicional de percución txalaparta, un milagro de sencillez, creatividad y energía:

La kirikoketa, la hermana menor de la txalaparta:

A classic of Basque music, Mikel Laboa, and one of his famous hits, Txoria txori:   
You've also got the lyrics and the translation in the details of the video.

Instrumentos tradicionales vascos, con fotos, descripcion y sonido:

EGON, le chant des légendes basques:

Ever wondered how to say "I love you" in euskera? Well, it is "Maite zaitut" and here's a song for that:
lyrics and translation into Spanish here (you have to scroll down and look into comments):

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