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Hello ! I just joined a minute ago (07-02-08)10:34pm

 hi !  If you are seeking to learn tagalog, feel free to drop me a message on my profile and ask. $& $& $&Im willing to teach everything I know.$& $& $& $&See you !$&



hi how are u?, im omara and im interested to learn tagalog

 hello omara ! $& $& $&You can go to my first blackboard.  There are essentials of tagalog there. (translated in english)..$& $& $& $&Take care$&
Hi, I am from America. I would like to learn Tagalog.
Hope you help me.
Thanks a lot.

hi julian! just post the english grammar here and i will send to you the tagalog this mean, you will learn some tagalog phrases and may help you to familiarize yourself in many tagalog words. i am a tagalog here in the philippines. magandang araw sa iyo at maligayang pag aaral ng pagbigkas sa tagalog! (good day and enjoy learning tagalog)

Abala ka ba? Kailan ka may oras?

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