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Self-introduction. Jiko shokai shimasyou ! 自己紹介しましょう!

Who are you ?
Why do you learn Japanese ?
What do you think difficult about Japanese ?




My name is Nozomi, Japanese student.
I major in Linguistics and I m interested in Japanese education.
I love language exchanges that are mutually useful for each other. I believe that when we learn together, we can learn about the object of course but also we can learn from each other.

Feel free to post your questions about japanese on the forum or ask me.
My name is Jessica, I'm a French student.
I'm majoring in LEA(Application of Foreign Languages) English-Japanese, and I'm interested in Japanese (and Korean).
Well, I could hardly say better so i'll just say that I perfectly agree with Nozomi on her opinion about language exchanges.

I could hardly reply to questions about Japanese since I'm not that good yet but I'll do ask questions myself later on (xD).
Hi  my name is andrea call me andie Im 15 years old, and i want learn japanese,because is dificult and exating, and s very diffent and i like make my own style. i think the most difficut is the kanjis, because there are many many simbols and is hurt try to remeber...

Hello! My name is Geniste and I'm 14 years old. I am learning Japanese simply because I love Japan, and if I master the Japanese language, I will be able to fully enjoy their culture. I've only learned the basic Hiragana, but I am working on the Dakuon/Handakuon and Yoon right now, and will be finished by the time I get back in school.

I will be learning Katakana in the fall, but to tell the truth, Kanji scares me to death. How many do I have to memorize?! I know there are at least 50,000...

Hi all,

Arigato for your comments !!
About kanji, I know most of foreigners struggle...
What I can say is... Kanji is also difficult for Japanese. Japanese dont know the ALL kanji, you know ? The number of kanji used in daily life, it depends on people totally. Now I m recalling my childhood when I started learning Kanji.... We just had practice writing writing writing writin wrt wri writ twwww w w ......! We everyday had home assigment for Kanji ... !! I really HATED IT !! but I think without that kind of practice, we never memorize kanji !
All what we can do is practice i think.....
When you pass the first stage, maybe you can learn kanjis by meanings and structures.

Do you have any other ideas ? Please add comments !!
Watashia wa Nicolas desu, hajimemashite dozo yoroshiku!
Burajiru de sundeimasu.
Boku wa designa no gakusei desu.
Nihongô wo benkyou suru no wa dakara Watashi wa Nihon no bunka totemo kanshinshimasu.

I have difficulties to communicate in Japanese, I would like to improve but I think "Nihongô" is hard to learn!!!


Obgrigado! Até+!

Konnichiwa! O genki desu ka?
       My name is Cristina I'm 20 years old and I've been interested in Japanese culture for a couple of years now but I've decided to give it my best at learning the language a month or two ago. I hope I will be able to accomplish this goal. Watching anime helped me remember some usual expressions but to really get to know the Japanese language needs a lot of hard work.

watashiwa ais des. 
nihongo wo muzukashi demo totemo tanoshi des.
nihongo wo narate kudasai

Kore wa roumaji desu.

Konnichi wa, Erikku desu. Juuroku-sai desu. Amerikajin desu. Furansugo wo koukou ni manande imasu ga, Nihongo wo hitori de benyoushite imau. Daigaku e mada nyuugakushimasendeshita. Itsu nyuugakushimasu, senmon ga Furansugo to Nihongo ni naru tsumori desu. Anime ga suki desu kara, Nihongo o benkyou shihajimeru koto ni shimashita.

Hi, I'm Eric. I'm 16 years old and am from America. I study French in school but I study Japanese on my own. I'm not in college yet. When I go to college, I plan on majoring in French and Japanese.  Because I like anime, I decided to start studying Japanese.

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