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Why do you learn or study English?

Of course, I know that English is very important language. But I am curious.
Do you have special reasons to learn English??



for my travell will be connected with my future proffession

Cuz I was taught that in skool? Don't got a choice =]

because I don`t know any language enable me to stay in touch with u nekochan :))

Commenting here.

I think this language is the most important in the world and at least we need it.
for traveling, learning, communicating and every thing :)
1st reason
i have to study it as a compulsory subject in my school

2nd reason
it becomes more important to my life when i'm in university, because no one speak my native language to me :(  , everyone speak english, so i have to learn it to communicate with them

3rd reason
to prepare for traveling somewhere the world, i just hope

4th reason
to tell the job interviewer that i can use it fluently - it sounds more interesting :P

 umm back in secondary school  learning English is more like something essential for exams in school. But right now learning English is more like a tool for me to communicate with different people.If i didnt know english I wouldnt have studied in here or made any english friends :) 

ps: i'm kinda regret for being lazy in English class when i was in secondary school :/ ouch!

well in short here in the middle east its not like we have any other choice :) if we can't speak English fluently our chances to find a decent job decreases. Besides English language is kind of a lingua franca " mean of communication " between people from different countries :)

First, I want to travel all around the world, English is necessary.Then my major is international trade, so  i must learn english. Finally, i want to see something which use english.

ja i think it is important because it a medium language,it more easier to communicate in english then other languages :)

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