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hi! can someone please explain to me how the word çiçeğim is formed from the word çiçek.
what does çiçeğim mean EXACTLY?



zdravo moja draga prijateljice

çiçeğim means MOJA CVECE
çiçek=cvece :))))
poljubaccccc.....cuvaj se
zbogommmmm..  x)))))

As you probably learnt, Turkish language has suffixes to form new words.
Normally, Çiçek mean flower, My flower means "Çiçekim", but there is also another attribute of Turkish that some letters are soften when It takes a suffix. Here, letter "k" is transformed "ğ", therefore it becomes "çiçeğim"

I hope, I could explained


it means exactly "my flower"in meaning of my darling

it is formed as:

root: cicek (eng. flower)


my flower= cicekim, and k turns to g: cicegim

your flower= cicekin, and k turns to g: cicegin





Nihat is absolutely right and Çiçeğim means "Darling". We dont use that word often but        sometimes lovers call each other Çiçeğim. If someone says you Çiçeğim that indivates that he see you as beautiful as flower.

çiçek is mean in English "flower" but çiçeğim is mean "my flower"

my flower = exactly mean "benim çiçeğim" but we can say "çiçeğim" too because in this word have a (-im) ownership attachment..

flower is çiçek but why we use çiçeğim but not çiçekim?

because in Turkish if end of the noun have (p,ç,t,k) we making (b,c,d,ğ) and this rule's mean in Turkish (ünsüz yumuşaması) = softening of consonants

example ;

my flower = çiçekim => çiçeğim

my heart = kalpim => kalbim

p > b

ç > c

t > d

k > ğ

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