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Is there hope and possibility for peace between Palestinians and Israelis? Yes or no and why?




 I have no idea about that,sorry,Mr.
Hi there!

I do not think so. I was in Israel for more than 7 months, volunteering in social facilities. I travelled around a lot. I asked many people about that confilct. And in many discussions I often heard, that  israelis, arabs or palestines wish to have peace. But they also told me the hatred between the different cultural and religious groups is so massive, that even the most optimistic people do not believe, that there will be peace in the next 100 years.

I really hope, that there will be peace in the near future, but I do not believe it will happen. Hopefully I will be wrong :)

Yeah there will be peace once both parties successfully mutually obliterate themselves.

Is it just me or does sumone else see Joao bearing an uncanny resemblance to Dawkins?

You have made a good point, Tobi. They want peace but they don't believe there will be peace. They are not building peace. That is sad. 

I agree but the question doesn't change. Will they obliterate themselves in order to build peace?
About my uncanny resemblance to Dawkins :)  I did not take see that before :). What I can say is that I admire him and most of his ideas.

When the israeli and palestine elite leave the government, the  people can construct the peace. I think that Israel, one big ally of EUA, have to make more awards, especially recognizing the palestin frontiers before 1967. But the Palestine Authority use this condition for extract politics dividends by the conflicts.
The problem is: the conflict permit a little and strong group, both in Israel, both in Palestine, acumulate power and money for make your desire, don´t desire of people. 

 I'm not anti-American but I believe that America is the cause of starting a war between two countries . America wants to expand their power in middle east so they chose Israel and then doing this awful actions .


 To be calm down their situation, US first get out of their matter and Israel should stop expanding and bombarding other middle east countries 




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