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Hello,everybody,is there any rules for the russian stress?

I often get confused with the "o", when should it be prononced like "a" ? or is there some stabil rule for it, if not , how can people recognize the tone???thx



The "о" vowel is pronounced like an "а" when it's not stressed:
небо [не́ба] = the sky
поле [по́ле] = a field
As for the stress location in words, I think, you just have to remember it for every word.

remember every word :-( that seems a little difficult :-(
in textbooks for beginners, they usually write the accents so you know how to pronounce the words correctly. but you know, you don't have to memorize each and every one of them, I think it comes naturally after a while. Just read / listen to as much stuff as you can in Russian and you'll get used to it.
practice makes perfect :P (of course new words will always be a little tricky)

thank u everybody. got it~

thanks. Klar~~

'o' is pronounced as '[ə]' then without stress. Example: mələko, kərova, vərota etc. But there is a city in Russia, Vologda, where people says 'o' always: moloko, korova, vorota. Then, it is right.

Can you get example?

I'm sorry for mistake.

Can you an example?

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