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Hello,everybody,is there any rules for the russian stress?

I often get confused with the "o", when should it be prononced like "a" ? or is there some stabil rule for it, if not , how can people recognize the tone???thx



The "о" vowel is pronounced like an "а" when it's not stressed:
небо [не́ба] = the sky
поле [по́ле] = a field
As for the stress location in words, I think, you just have to remember it for every word.

remember every word :-( that seems a little difficult :-(

thank u everybody. got it~

thanks. Klar~~

'o' is pronounced as '[ə]' then without stress. Example: mələko, kərova, vərota etc. But there is a city in Russia, Vologda, where people says 'o' always: moloko, korova, vorota. Then, it is right.

Can you get example?

I'm sorry for mistake.

Can you an example?

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