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English Native Speakers Who Would Like To Learn Persian In an Exchange Fashion.

hello everybody;
I,m Rana and 24 years old. Living in Iran (Mashhad) and I,m a graduate of Graphic Design from an Art College in my city. I have a basic English knowledge base but want to improve it through establishing a group of those who are in my very same position in terms of Language Learning or Vice Versa, those who want to learn Persian through a language exchange style. So, come on guys and girls.. Stop wasting your time doing the routin and let,s do something that obviosly opens too opportunities to a new life with new friends (beside your current life and friends). Anybody who is interested in this please drop me a note or buzz so we can start what I,m dreaming of in Italki....

Take care and stay out of trouble




I'm in, but you already know that from our messages back and forth.

Welcome Amy. Thanks for being in this discussion and I will be glad to correct your Persian. I,m married for 7 years so far and I have a lovely, caring husband which is also an old member of Italki. He has got the 20 score out of 20 in Persian (Farsi) in one of the top Farsi Language & Literature universities in the world. He understand the Old, Modern persian quite well and a maniac for accents, expressions and street language, so I beleive he might be very useful in case of we get to the point of confusion about any Farsi-related thing... anyway, I also would be more than glad to know your opinion on my English. How is it? I know I,m not good enough for someone who cares too much about other languages and cultures.

I will add you up in Skype but In Iran and after the last election protests we have a little problem with Skype in temrs of connectivity but I will try to initiate my first connection to you through the Skype. Do you have any Yahoo IDs as it is officially the most popular messanger in Iran I guess.. and I ,m so confident about the benefits that our language or cyber-social relationship would bring us so please have a try and look if you can have a Yahoo ID my friend... won,t regret it.. Thanks for your response and have a sweet time. catch u soon...

Hello, I am also interested in learning Persian. My favorite thing in the world is to travel and there is an opportunity for me to do a paid study abroad next year in Iran. I have found many Persian podcasts but most stop after a few lessons. I also love to teach. My job, apart from being a student, is to teach children piano. I have helped Latino (spanish-speaking) and Brazilian people learn English and am happy to answer any questions.  So if there is anything you want to learn in English, let me know! Even if it is just to see what sounds more natural.

One of my goals is to learn to speak more casually. For example, in English, I never exactly say. "Hello, how are you?" That feels a little too formal for me. I say things like, "Hey buddy, what's up?", "How's it going, man?". Do you know what I could say in Persian that would feel a little less formal?

Andy keep trying to speak Persian Caz Persian is so sweet to speak .

I'm in to Exchange:)


I'm new in this website!
BTW I could teach Persian to,,,and wanna learn English!

andy say: (( chetori? )).. means how you doin? or  (( che khabar? )) means what`s going on. thease are most common.
and learn how to write in "Pinglish"   as I wrote up there. I mean writing farsi in english alphabet. because every body writes Pinglish instead of farsi on Computers in Iran.

I just moved in US. It`s been 9 months. and i`m 23.
SO i`m the best source for everey body who whants to know farsi`s urban speech also I`m eager to learn english.

hi i really want to learn English and make it better  and i'm seeking someone who can teach me and want to learn Persian i would like that.

this is my skype :    hedi.adak1


have fun


Salam Rana.  I am an English native speaker.  I am 56 years old and want to learn Farsi to speak to my Iranian and Iranian/Americans friends better.  I have just begun to learn Farsi through Pimsluer Audio and Romanization transliterated written Farsi form.  I would love to exchange my English knowledge for help learning Farsi.

Mashalla Rana joon. Khoda HafizSmile

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