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who does is want to learn Turkish Culture and Language ?

If you want to learn Turkey about and Language, ı can help everbody .ı need to pratice english.
I am living in istanbul
I study at the University  Tourism and Hotel Management .




I want to learn Turkish language and the culture cuz' of my gf who lives there. I want to be able to speak with her parents, family, friends, people who are around her in her life by myself. I've been to Istanbul this New Year and it was beauty. I was in Beşiktaş with that ships. :) I hope you can help me with teaching me Turkish and I'd giving you back teaching English. :)


Cya soon. :)

Güle Güle! hehe ;)

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i want to learn turkish language, because i want to further my master there


teşekkür ederim.

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