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Cantonese Tutor Wanted!!! in HK 徵求粵語/廣東話導師

法國人想學粵語/廣東話 教教我!!!
i already can communicate in Cantonese but need more practice,
so i am looking for a Cantonese Tutor ... at Hong Kong or Kowloon side,
(i'm NOT interested in online languages exchange via Skype or Msn)
also, i can provide some textbooks, in Chinese, that i would like to revise.
課程: 粵語/廣東話 , 會話訓練
週次: 一個星期一堂 , 每堂兩小時
價錢: 每小時HK$??
區域: 香港島或九龍區



... nobody seems interested in my post 

how long have you been learning cantonese?

中文/普通話已經廿幾年,廣東話四五年啦 我努力學但係冇大進步,發音唔正,病句多多 haha

I can teach you Cantonese. I taught Cantonese before. Remuneration is not a problem. I just want to share my culture. Please contact me. Thanks!

Hi, we have a cantonese practice gathering on the 31st August 2011 (Wed) at 7.30pm to 9:30pm, it's a causal gathering to meet people who like to learn or practice their cantonese. the gathering would be held in the Insenses. ( Address: LG/F 13 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, *near Pizza Express*) pls email me if you are interested:

I have seen your blog, it's very interesting, I have made a website teaching Cantonese too, pls take a look :) 








Hi! I am native Chinese female language tutor and intercultural trainer (inHong Kong) -- for both Cantonese and Mandarin. Got Language Teaching certificates inHong KongUniversity,Hong KongBaptistUniversityandPekingNormalUniversity, Beijing Culture and Language University/HK Chinese University respectively. I am particularly experienced in teaching Chinese languages and culture to foreigners/expatriates. (Mainly English and Japanese speakers) Over 20 years teaching experience to individual, groups and classes. Languages speaking : Putonghua (Mandarin), Cantonese, English and Japanese. Students' Nationality: Chinese, American, British, Canadian, Indian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Greek, Australian, German, Japanese and Korean etc. You are welcome to contact me at :

Your reply is much appreciated.

Both Live and online training are welcome!

Best regards,
Queemella Pang


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