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What are you doing this Christmas and New Year?

How are you planning to celebrate New Year: going out for a New Year’s dinner or staying at home and inviting your friends and relatives over? Have you put up and decorated a tree already? Do you know how to say ‘С наступающим Новым годом!’ in English?



I will stay at home and drink more and more alcohol:D

Being at home with family and friends is quite peaceful and harmonious. The tree is already decorated, now we are waiting Santa Claus and together him our gifts!

That’s permitted!

Did you mean ‘now we are waiting for Santa Claus to bring us his gifts’? And yes, it is nice to spend time with family and friends, I quite agree with you here.

In China, Christmas is not a big holiday and only fashinable people and yong people celebrate it, but supermarkets and malls have a lot of price discounts. People usually go shopping . Only solitary and loney people stay at home. We went to movies, theaters,concert and teahouses with friends. I had a dinner with a group of friends and then we went to KTV and stay here till midnight on Christmas Eve. I was eager for going to theater to watch drama like ballet,but it was too expensive.$150 for a ticket 

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