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I can help you with learning Hebrew.


My name is Anders.

I have been studying Hebrew for 3,5 years, so I don't speak it fluently, but I can help you to learn what I learn.

I also have studied Biblical Hebrew for the same time.

Feel free to write me if you want to learn Hebrew or just want to chat!




שלומ ותודה! אני רוצה לדעת השפה. אני מבין אור יודע רק 3-5 מאות מילים. מה מתחילים.

!שלום לך

I recommend these resources:

I have Hebrew podcasts on my mp3-player and it has helped me a lot!!! 

I also listen to the Hebrew Bible in Hebrew and study it regularly. [Some resources to learn Biblical Hebrew if anyone is interested: ]

שלום, Anders

שלום, may I know your skype?

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