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What do u think about church?

Do u belive that they rly do good and correct things, just like in bible? (do u believe in bible either?)



Personally, I don't think the Churches are living up to what they should be doing.

God says : you must not kill yet, how many wars have been propogated by ALL religions so-called Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Shinto, Animists, taosits etc (all of them, if I have missed any out).

Dear Mr Damiano, If Muslims are the so-called people of Allah (God), then where are their fine works too? If Christians countries are guilty of atrocities, just look at the example of Muslim countries too!  Islam is oppressive - many peole in these countires are afraid to speak against Islam for fear of reprisals. Do you call that the will of god.

These are facts. God hates them all, and by flagrant ignorance of his laws they have all condemned themselves.

Just a point of order!


The Churches are sons and daughters of the God. To be a christian does not mean that what he or she does is all correct and right. Everyone has sins and does something wrong or incorrect. It is the Juses that sacrifices for our sins. To be a christian means that you should put the God on the throne of your life and reminds you to do good and correct things. :)

This is my opinion.

Well, the Catholic Church is an Institution that always has been power-hungry.  It's obvious they use and manipulate the religion and biblical scriptures as they want, looking for how it suits better to their interest (falling thus into thousands of contradictions)   What Catholic Church holds, in the main subjects, hasn't anything or almost anything to do with what is written in the Bible.    Experts in Biblical exegesis and ancient languages have proved, among other things, all the manipulations and additions that contains the Old Testament; historical context and the recent authorship of Pentateuch (the Five Books of the Bible (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) falsely attributed to Moses); the authentic authorship of the Gospels... Historians have shown that mostly of historiography catholic is simply lie...

But anyway, what still I can't understand is, how someone can believe or support the Catholic Church nowadays, bearing in mind that:
Their past is riddled with shit: Intolerance, violence against dissidents, wars of religion, crimes and violence committed during the Crusades, the Inquisition, discrimination against women and races, contempt for other cultures and religions...

And their present is more or less the same -but updated to our time- : An Institution which owns some banks and media; shareholders of many companies (also investing in the stock market - btw,"Avarice" it isn't a Cardinal Sin?-) covers up sexual offenses by clergy committed to minors, censures and threatens anyone who criticizes them, and they preach "humility and vow of poverty" whereas Pope is living in a palace and surrounded by works of art of incalculable economic value... And still some people believe in Catholic Church?? It's sad and ridiculous.

So, I just would like to say one thing to Pope, Mr. Benedict XVI, and it is: I'm sorry but... I don't have enough middle fingers to let you know my opinion about your Church :P

... And now i think i'll write a Notebook with my post here, because i've had to look up (my english level is not so good) how to say in english language many "specific" words, such as: Gospel, Pentateuch, the english name of the Five Books... Let's see there if it's well written and my grammar is not too scary :P

yes of Course Muslims are belive in Holly Books but that churchs now not Good and not correct ^^ because  of many things 

The spiritual decay one can see in or outside religious circles is a sad reality of our days. Of course the clergy has its responsibility for this, they forgot what they actually had to pursue and mixed spiritual matters with material ones, till people got confused and went away from the churches.

In societies where the religious freedom is granted, people don't relate themselves that much to religion anymore. They limit themselves to their physical life.

On the other hand, there are places where people are forced to adhere to a certain relgion. People follow the rules mechanically. This apparent interest for religion is also far away of the concept of "living faith".


The bible is the bedrock of Christianity.

I believe in the bible because I have tested and found it to be true.

I dont believe in the church because the catholic church and all organised Church systems(Russian Orthrodox Church,Coptic Church,Anglican Church) have all succumbed to the human greed of the pope/priest and whoever is at the helm of the church.

In my opinion it is better to just read the bible and have a direct relationship with God rather than attend church or listen to what the priest is saying. :)



This is the best part about christianity..... It is not a religion made by humans.... It is not like.. you just read a book and do everything it says... nope...

God is at the centre of Christianity and God speaks to you through the Bible and through prayer. So there is no question of the differences in different translations because what is written in there doesnt matter.. what matters is what God speaks to you through the bible. It might be a little hard for anyone who reads the Bible without God's help, to understand whats in the bible because as far as I have seen.. 


If you are a christian and you dont agree with what I have written.. then you probably do not know what Christianity is all about.


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