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The Chinese are immoral because they have no faith - unlike Westerners who have faith.

Several Chinese people have told me this.



The Chinese are also devils apparently.

I know it is not true, but why do they say it?

That's new to me. I haven't actually come across anyone this self-deprecating, Chinese or not.

For me, immorality is not linked with Chinese or any nationality. People from any nationality, or race, can be immoral or moral. It is an issue of the human being, not of any particular country.

The same can be said about religion and morality. Morality and ethics are not necessary linked with religion, agnosticism   or atheism.

I don't agree with you. We Chinese don't have a faith because there are  a lot of resons.  But having no faith isn't related to immoral. Most of Chinese are kind and  hard-working.   

I was being provocative. Two Chinese people have said there are pickpockets on the buses, and that people watch and do nothing. Two Chinese people have told me that this happens because the Chinese have no faith, unlike the West.

This is untrue.
Actually the US stands alone as the only developed nation that is also religious; most developed nations are now becoming atheist. And you don't need a religion to behave ethically.

Today I witnessed my client and his wife smack and slap each other in the shop She cried out, "Stop, you are hurting me." I said nothing. Was that wrong of me?

Do you understand? I can try and pinyin this if you do not understand. 

China is going through a difficult time during which people all go for wealth. The same thing happened in the past in western countries. Maybe during the period of Industry Revolution.

I'm trying to explain why Chinese seem "immoral". Actually it's a phenomena which can be seen in many countries. The reason is that China's under-developed. It needs time to build up people's sense of citizenship. But before that China has to make sure that it can reach the basic standard of living conditions.

But actually most of the Chinese people after elementary education have faith. That is the Theory of evolution and Atheism, rather than other kind of religions.    

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